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Palatine Travelers - One Program. One Vision.  Where the good come to become the BEST

11U Post season Travel Try-out Updated 4/18/2015

Thank you to all that tried out today!

 The following players are being asked to come back for day two evaluations

5, 6, 19, 20, 34, 38, 41, 46, 48, 62, 64, 65, 68, 69, 74, 76, 84, 93 


The second day of try-outs will be held at Sundling and ask that the players arrive at 8:45AM for warm-ups.


If a player does not remember his number please contact Barney at pyb_bronco5@pyb.com 



8U Post Season Travel Try-outs Updated 4/18/2015

Thank you to all that tried out today!

 The following players are being asked to come back for day two evaluations


D. Bond

J. Brown

D. Dick

C. Dudley

L. Farrell

C. Foley

D. Gerdes

W. Klimas

C. Monroe

C. Nelson

J. Obrien

V. Panzino

B. Saxe

D. Spedale

D. Tiejens


For those that are not listed above…keep working hard and do your best on every play this season and we will hopefully see you at the next try-out.  

2014/15 Post Season Travel Try Outs Updated 4/16/2015

Palatine Travelers 

Post Season Travel Try-out schedule 


Saturday 4/18


Pinto (8u) - Gbur B (Hamilton)

8:30 – Registration

9 – 11 Tryouts


B5 (11u) - Gbur C (Hamilton)

10:30 – Registration

11 – 1 Tryouts


B6 (12u) - Gbur B (Hamilton)

12:30 – Registration

1 – 3 – Tryouts

Player numbers will posted on this site by Saturday evening.

Players on this list will be called back for the Sunday portion of the try-out.

Sunday schedule will be same as above. 


13U - 2014/15 Team Roster Announced Updated 8/7/2014

Congratulations to the following players for being selected to play on the 2014-15 13U Palatine Travelers teams.  We are looking forward to another fun and exciting season of baseball!!!


Coach Carver

 Josh Bennett

Adam Burks

Sam Carver

TJ Davis

Lukas Fissinger

John Kating

Ryan Kiolbassa

Lukas Kim

Collin McGinn

Alejandro Mendez

Luca Popovic

Mason Reiger

Tommy Swanson


Coach Martin

Shailan Rajpurkar 

Dominic Tuzzolino 

Peter Martin

Joey Steffens

Andrew Saxe

Adam Davis

Ryan Palmer

Max Wexley 

Michael Nale

Nate Gaulin

Matthew Wingen

Charlie Towns

Thank you to all the players that tried out for this 13U level.

For various reasons, a decision was made by the Travel Committee to not add an additional full time

travel team at this level.


The Palatine Travelers program has a strong 13/14U post-season travel program to help in further

developing your athlete.

Please email Randy Kochanski rkochan2@gmail.com for further information on this program.   

14U - 2014/15 Team Roster Announced Updated 8/6/2014

Congratulations to the following players for being selected to play

on this year's 14U Palatine Travelers teams.

Looking forward to a great season!

Coach Ferry

Alex Baraban

Alex Bischoff

Will Ferry

Austin Higgins

Ben Kurka

Jake Langston

Nathan Lee

Mike Lindholm

Michael Murakami

Tim Okonek

Daniel Salerno


Coach Josten

Jake Andersen

Tom Cermak

Victor Fujiu

Dean Ganas

Connor Giusti

Jason Hajdukovic

Will Josten

Satoru Michihara

Dale Schneberger

Justin Spiekermann

Wes Squeo

Brent Swenson

11U - 2014/15 Team Roster Announced Updated 8/6/2014

Congratulations to the following players for being selected to play on the 2014 – 2015 11U Palatine Travelers teams.  We are looking forward to another fun and exciting season of baseball!!!


U11 Palatine Bulldogs (Carroll) 


Pauly Bloomquist

Chase Carroll

Nathan Collier

DJ Dick

Erik Fallon

Ian Farrell

Issac Harrington

Danny Hopper

Ryan McIlhon

Sean Neilson

Riyen Patel

Drew Seidel


U11 Palatine Predators (D’Angelo) 


Wally Augustyn

Mitch Burchert

Archie Cox

Lucas D'Angelo

Tommy Jusi

Connor Koeppen

Colin Meehan

Connor Nicolas

Bo O’Brien

Thomas Plizga

Tony Pluta

Joe Wagner

Stingrays Softball Rosters 2014/15 Updated 8/10/2014
Congrats to the following girls!!!
10U Stingrays
Coach Marci Dudley
Kalyn McCarthy
Nicole Marceau
Elaina Kraus
Alexandra Garnmeister
Gina Dudley
Kylie Williams
Ava Jordan
Kayla Courtney
Anna Poss
Mary Elliott
Kelly Beach*  
12U Stingrays
Coach Len Labonar
Abby Cabrales
Allison Drake
Amanda Logan
Amanda Timonen
Calista DiVito
Elena DiVito
Grace Hiller
Hannah Labonar
Kaitlyn Reed
Kendall Friel
Megan Sheehan
Sami Benner
14U Stingrays
Coach Jennifer Dick
Maddie Aichinger
Sarah Bailitz
Kelsey Brauer
Ella Burns
Rhiann Dick
Megan Fontanetta
Brooke Hernandez
Grace Huff
Morgan Miller
Anna Selleck

10U - 2014/15 Team Roster Announced Updated 8/5/2014
Coaches Coroneos, Jones, Jordan and Nix want to thank all the boys that came out for the tryout for the 2015 teams.  It was an outstanding group of hustling youngsters and we appreciate the effort -- ALL these boys have a lot of good baseball in front of them.  Thank you also to all the parents that assisted at the tryout 'stations'.  
Congratulations to the 2015 travel players:  
      The U10 Palatine Power (Jones) roster is:
 Cartwright, Austin
Coroneos, Thomas
Duran, Alex
Franzen, Jayden
Hannon, Nathan (Nate)
Harrison, Grant
Jones, Matthew (MJ)
Tokar, Michael
Towns, Joey
Wagner, Ryan
Wimer, Aiden (AJ)
Yamada, Yuhki
           And U10 Palatine Travelers (Nix) roster is:
Haith, Anthony (Jabe)
Iliopoulos, Tony
Jordan, Andrew
McCloskey, Hunter
Mulhern, Peter
Nix, Michael
Pieper, Joseph (Joe Ray)
Rokkas, Dean
Schreiner, Jake
Winegar, Owen
Winfrey, Ryan
Yianas, Theo

9U -2014/15 Team Roster Announced Updated 8/5/2014
Congratulations to each of your sons on making the 9U Palatine Travelers.  This is a big accomplishment and something they, and you, should be very proud of!  We have a great team--
 Looking forward to a fun 9U season!  
Coach Tyska
The roster for the 9U team is as follows:
Kyle Bargowski
Jake Bargowski
Ryan Cox
Tony Gonzalez
Brendan Koeppen
Ben Klimas
Jake Lund 
Mason Messner
Devin Patel
Jacob Tallian
Morgan Wachler
Sam Tyska

2015 Full-time Travel Baseball Tryouts Updated 7/13/2014
On Saturday August 2nd and Sunday August 3rd full-time travel baseball tryouts will take place at Hamilton.
 SCHEDULE for Sat. August 2nd and Sunday August 3rd
9U Hybrid
8:45am registration     9-11:00am Tryout
11:00am registration     11:15-1:15pm Tryout
1:15pm registration     1:30-3:30pm Tryout
3:30pm registration     3:45-5:45pm Tryout
8:45am registration     9-11:30am Tryout
11:30am registration     11:45-2:15pm Tryout
There is no charge to try-out
All players should bring spikes, mitt, and athletic cup. Bat is optional 
Saturday all players will be rated by independent raters
Players being called back for Sunday will be listed on this web site by Sat. night
Sunday's exact schedule will be directed by that level's managers
ALL players, returning or new, should be ready to give 100% effort
Register at
Day of walk-ups also welcome 
Please direct all questions to Dave Carver, VP Boys Travel  dcarver530@comcast.net

2015 Full-time Travel Manager Application Updated 7/12/2014
Any person interested in being a full-time travel baseball manager for 2015
please complete the attached application.
Use the link below to be directed to the online application.
Completed applications need to be entered by July 20th, 2014.
All questions should be sent to Dave Carver, VP Boys Travel at dcarver530@comcast.net

2015 Full-time Travel Manager Application Updated 7/6/2014
Any person interested in being a full-time travel softball manager for 2015 please complete the attached application.
Completed applications need to be sent to David Dick, VP of girls travel softball vis e-mail by the end of the day on Friday July 25th.  

2015 Full-time Travel Softball Tryouts Updated 7/6/2014
On Saturday August 2nd full-time travel softball tryouts will take place at Paddock 1 and 2.
10U and 12U 8:45 am registration  9:00-11:00 am tryout
14U              11:45 am registration  11:30-1:30 pm tryout
If your daughter is eligible, she may tryout for 2 different levels, please indicate that on the registration form.  
if your daughter is unable to make the tryout date please contact David Dick via e-mail, then arranagements will be made by managers about a possible alternative dates. 
Bring completed form to the tryout or send it via e-mail to David Dick.

2014 Palatine Travelers Updated 8/21/2013


14U  Seidel   -       Joey Crescio       Kevin Gierek     Jack Hanlon    Jack Hopper    Ethan Kim    Jake Moertl   

                                 Brent Penrose    Jack Reiger      Ben Rizner    Luke Seidel    Jack Taraszka   Zach Zimmer

14U Kraus  -          Caleb Choi       Evan Daly      Matt Grabianski     Josh Kraus     Blake Matsas    Max Myszka

                                  Jake Sinnema    TJ Skelnik   Dakota Slingerland   Joey Sopikiotis   William Stelk  Luke Stoffel

13U Josten -          Jake Andersen   Thomas Cermak   Victor Fujiu    Dean Ganas   Connor Giusti  

                                 Jason Hajdukovic   Will Josten    Ethan Kelly    Satoru Michihara    Justin Spiekermann  

                                  Wesley Squeo   Brent Swenson

13U Ferry -              Andrew Saxe    Dale Schneberger    Raymond Kim    Tim Okonek    Will Ferry   David Rizzo    

                                  Ben Kurka     Austin Higgins    Michael Murakami   Luke Bilek   Alex Baraban  

                                  Christian Seegers    

12U Martin  -           Max Wexley    Matt Wingen    Charlie Towns    Eric Lambke    Dominic Tuzzolino  

                                  Shailan Rajpurkar   James McManus    Charlie Hopper   Alex Bischoff    Michael Nale  

                                  Peter Martin   Adam Davis

12U Carver  -          Josh Bennett      Adam Burks      Sam Carver     Luke Fissinger     John Kating      Lukas Kim 

                                  Ryan Kiolbassa      Alejandro Mendez       Luka Popovic      Mason Reiger      Anath Sriram  

                                   Arvind Sriram      

11U Patel -              Nathan Patel      Nathan Stevens     Nathaniel Carlson    Colin McGinn    Ryan Palmer

                                  William Pautler     Jack Kalitowski     Brandon Carroll       Jackson Gehrisch

                                  Julian Gonzalez       Michael Lenart 

11U Nelson -          Alec Braun      Joey Kaminsky     Nick Varon     Chris Kazantzis     Ryan Saxe     Luca Iaccino

                                  Josh Nelson      Hunter Thiem      Eric Pecson    Tyler Pecson      Dylan Tyska    Luke Seiffert

10U Carroll -           Chase Carroll     Danny Hopper      Darien Martin     DJ Dick      Drew Seidel    Erik Fallin

                                   Ian Ferrell         Isaac Harrington      Pauly Bloomquist     Riyen Patel     Ryan McIlhon

                                   Sean Nielson

10U D'Angelo -        Wally Augustyn       Mitch Burchert     Archie Cox     Lucas D'Angelo     Tommy Jusi

                                 Connor Koeppen    Colin Meehan     Connor Nicolas   Thomas Plizga   Tony Pluta

                                 Charlie Soukup    Joe Wagner   

 9U Jones -             Matthew Jones          Thomas Coroneos      Nathan Hannon     Joey Towns    Jayden Franzen

                                  Grant McVicker         Ryan Wagner        Grant Harrison      Ryan Gleeson     Alex Duran

                                   Aiden Wimer         Austin Cartwright

 9U Nix -                    Andrew Jordan        Michael Nix      Tony Iliopoulos     Andy Iliopoulos   Kyle Bargowski

                                    Jake Bargowski        Peter Mulhern        Ryan Winfrey     Owen Winegar      Michael Tokar

                                    Jake Schreiner       Logan Maloney      


2013-2014 Palatine Travelers Mgr App Updated 7/8/2013

The Palatine Travelers Baseball organization is very proud of our long heritage of fielding competitive teams and teaching our players the values of "team work", "hard work", and "determination".   This is a direct result of the incredible managers and coaches in our program working to advance the skills of each and every player in our program. 

Join the long list of legendary Palatine Travelers mangers and coaches!  

2013-2014 Palatine Travelers Manager's application

13-14 Travelers Mgr app 


Tournament Photos! Updated 6/3/2013

Palatine Travelers Updated 9/25/2012

Welcome to the revamped website dedicated to Palatine Travelers Baseball.  The Palatine Park District baseball affiliates Palatine Youth Baseball/Softball and Palatine Baseball Association are proud to announce that the Palatine Travelers are now one single entity with one vision.  

It is the purpose of the Palatine Travelers to create and sustain an environment to nurture competitive baseball and softball through the Palatine Park District.  The Palatine Travelers hold open try outs each season in front of unbiased and independent outside raters who assess the players in regards to fielding, throwing, and hitting. 

The Palatine Travelers are proud to be one of the most cost-effective Travel programs in the area utilizing many Park District locations to practice and with availability to the Player Academy; Palatine baseball's very own baseball/softball instructional school located at the Community Center.  The Palatine Travelers teams have competed in major tournaments around the the midwest and the nation and has a standing invitation for the coveted Cooperstown Classic in July, the Ripken Classic in July, and many teams have attended the Omaha Slumpbuster tournament during the College World Series.  Additionally, the Palatine Travelers are proud to host one of the midwest's finest early season tournaments in the Casey Pohl Memorial Baseball Tournament and the Vince Luccesse Baseball Classic as well as the Stingray Showdown.

For more information about the Palatine Travelers, please contact Chris Bechtold at paltravel41@comcast.net